Why Does My Dog Scratch My Bed Sheets, Must Know To Solve



Dog lovers have a question: why does my dog scratch my bed sheets? The truth is a bed is probably his favorite spot, which is why dogs scratch it so much.


In the same way as humans, dogs prefer to see a comfortable place to lay down. As a domesticated animal, it will sleep in your bed or in its own bed.



It’s fun to see our dogs digging at the bed sheet, but it can be irritating, in particular, if they’re disturbing you while you sleep or damaging the bedsheets.


Let’s talk about how to discourage your dogs from scratching bed sheets or blankets, couches, and pillows.




Why does my dog scratch my bed sheets

Nowadays, every dog owner is asking, Why does my dog scratch my bed sheets? The reality is the nature of the breeds. Weird behaviors in dogs can happen, which are sometimes a result of specific breed traits, and occasionally they are caused by health issues.



There are various reasons why dogs scratch the bed sheets, from marking their territory to becoming overly energetic, as well as their natural tendencies.


Many people complain that their pet scratches the bed sheets and sometimes the couch as well. The pet owners find this quite abnormal. Perhaps your dog just tried to comfort himself, and this is going to be fine.


Whatever the size of the comforter or the thickness of the mattress, dogs frequently scratch sheets to create cozy nests they can sleep in. By digging, you would eliminate naturally occurring debris like twigs and rocks.


If you discover fleas or critters on your bed sheets or couch, you can inspect them immediately. It is okay if nothing appears.


However, if your puppy does it frequently and you suspect that something is wrong, you can investigate the problem more closely.



What to do when my dog scratches my bedsheets

When you are upset by your dog scratching your bedsheet after you have placed it in the house, then you need to relax.


If you want your dog to sleep better, walk him every night before bedtime. It may be a good idea to take the dog to some rough surface with sand so that it can scratch as it normally would without being worried.


Ensure that the dog has a safe space in your yard where they can dig and burrow, which is quite normal and natural for them.


Having your pet claim his own spot in the house is also one way for the pet to feel like he belongs there. Using this technique is suitable for all conditions.


Simply relax and make your house a comfortable environment for your dog since their environment outside is so different from their house.


You can take your dog inside when it has become relaxed. A snooze would be appropriate (when it sleeps on a normal basis). Your bedsheets wouldn’t get scratched anymore.


It may take the dog a little longer to adapt to a new behavior, but when they get back on track with their training, they will learn not to scratch.


How to stop my dog from scratching my bed

To provide better care for your dog, make sure you walk him before he goes to sleep every day. I recommend taking the dog to some sand or rough surface so that it can scratch as it normally does without being inhibited.



There are several reasons why my dogs scratch my bed sheets

The comfort place is usually where dogs do this. You might find your dog scratching the ground outside before he naps if you have him outside.


Their DNA is firmly rooted in this. Dogs are actually expected to burrow into the ground right after they catch their prey or to stir up the scent of their prey, as they are pursuing it.


Moreover, they scratch your bed sheets for another reason as well, which is when your pet is overheating. To cool off, they scratch their paws on smooth surfaces like bedsheets or blankets to stimulate their sweat glands.

Your dog might also scratch at your bed instead of just digging into it in this case.



Why is my dog biting my bed sheets

This is a behavior most commonly seen in dogs who were weaned from their mothers prematurely. Having rejected their biological instinct to suckle, it is possible that your puppy has developed the habit of chewing and suckle other things, such as their bedding and blankets.



Why does my dog dig on my bed when excited

It is most likely just a burst of excitement or energy that gives them the zoomies. Your dog may have a tendency to dig, but if they’re constantly scooting on the floor, they could require veterinary care or assistance in cleaning themselves up.


Dog keeps tearing up bed sheets

Depending on the age of your dog, it is possible that he is chewing up his bed due to stress, boredom, or anxiety. The easiest to understand is often boredom.


To keep himself busy when there isn’t enough activity, your dog will take his bed and turn it into a toy. Different canines react differently to stress, so understanding stress can be tricky.


Why Dog digging bed sheets

Most pet lovers ask why dog digging bed sheets. It happens because of her instinct to dig in her bed. In nature, dogs love to hide in places that are safe and protected while they are sleeping.


The purpose of digging the hole is to provide a place where the animals can hide from predators and to rest and cool themselves when the weather gets hot.


Although indoor dogs do not have access to the outdoors, their instinct to dig is still present, and they may choose to dig into their covers or bedsheets to create their own private area.


An instinct for digging in your dog’s bedding could be a sign of:

  • The temperature of her body
  • Clearly, she wants the bed to be marked as hers
  • Keeping herself hidden
  • Her puppies needed a nest to live in
  • Feeling comfortable



How Can I Stop My Dog Digging Bed sheets

Are you having a problem with your dog scratching at your brand new leather couch or digging holes in your hardwood floors?


You should consider the following options:

  • Ensure that your dog has their own space, along with bedding that they can dig in if they don’t already have one. It could be a good idea to invest in a comfy, cave-style vet bed for your dog so he can burrow and hide without being bothered!


  • When your dog is scratching excessively, we recommend trimming their nails regularly. Long nails can do more damage than short ones!


  • If your dog becomes obsessed with digging, consider purchasing him a new favorite toy or chew to divert his attention. An appointment with your dog’s veterinarian may also be necessary.



Why do dogs dig on beds and couches

To prevent your dog from digging on your couches, you must train it. Make sure you are firm, consistent, as well as loving canine. Provide a comfortable and safe place for your dog to rest.


This unwanted behavior can be reduced if you take the time to train and love your pooch. Regardless of what you do, always be patient because occasionally, a pet will act on instinct.


You may also find that your dog digs at your couch if they are nesting. Female dogs that are pregnant will scratch, bite, and dig at their bedding when they are about to give birth if this is the case.

Watch her carefully whenever she has puppies and give her a safe, enclosed place to have them.



Why do dogs dig in their beds

We adjust the thermostat in our homes to accommodate ourselves rather than our pets. When your dog is bothered by the heat or air conditioning, he uses the same types of strategies as he does outdoors.


During summer, dogs dig a bed under a shady tree, and in winter, they dig a bed exposed to direct sunlight. It is a matter of ground temperature for dogs. For cooling off or warming up, they dig.

As well as digging in their beds, dogs seek comfort in their bedding. That’s the same tendency that makes us twist, fluff, and fold our pillows until we find the right position.

In reality, our dogs have no idea what grass is. A softer floor, seat, or couch can be achieved by digging, making them more inviting and relaxing.


Why does my dog scratch my pillow

It is the dog’s ancestors that are the main reason why he paws and fluffs his bedding or pillows. They also do this to shield themselves from predators. Although they appear to fluff while sleeping, it’s merely a habit in which they feel secure from others.


Why does my dog scratch my bed sheets when he gets excited?

Why does my dog scratch my bed sheets when he gets excited? Yes, it’s very true that when my canine is happy or excited, they scratch my bed sheet. You can notice your dog when they are excited,


It won’t matter how much you try to stop scratching, this kind of moment you have to take outing or else they will mess up your home.


The reason why my dog scratches my bed sheets

  • Comfort & Temperature
  • Scent
  • Roundabout
  • Camouflage
  • Puppies Need a Place to Stay
  • Hidden Treasure
  • Nervous Behavior
  • Stress or Anxiety



Why do dogs scratch their beds before lying down

As dog parents, we are all too aware of the odd behavior from our furry friends,

Dogs will chew on electric wires or bark at an empty spot for hours on end.


A strange behavior they have, however, is during the night. The majority of the time, they scratch their bed before going to sleep.


However, this can sometimes prove to be a disastrous habit, especially for those who’ve purchased fancy beds with adorable lace canopies for their newest family member.


Ultimately, these pricey pieces of pet furniture end up in tatters within a few days.

Due to constant digging and scratching. What does it mean when a dog scratches its bed before going to sleep?


Well, there are actually several reasons why but before we get into that, Just know that this behavior is completely normal.


Every dog scratches their bed, regardless of their breed, age, size, or gender. There’s no need to bring them to the vet for a checkup, or does it indicate mental issues.


This means that as a dog parent, you should really expect to see the bed that you purchased for your dog turning into confetti within a few weeks.



Reason 1: Dogs Natural instinct

Dogs have been scratching at their sleeping surfaces for centuries. Their wild ancestors did it at piles of leaves, dirt, and pine needles in a bid to make their bedding softer and more comfortable to lie in.



More importantly, though, it allowed them to manipulate their environment,

Turning the materials around them into a sort of nest capable of providing a cozy spot to sleep in while simultaneously protecting them from predators.


If you’ve ever watched your dog prepare himself or herself for a good night’s rest, then you might’ve also noticed them burrowing into their bed or building a fort with their blankets.


Their ancestors also did the same, burrowing under leaves and dirt to create a warmer or cooler place for them to survive either the scorching summer sun or the harsh wintertime.


So in the simplest of terms, dogs today scratch at their beds

Because of natural instinct, behavior is passed down from generation to generation.


Reason 2: Dogs Marking their territories

Dogs instinctively mark their territories, which is why they often urinate on objects to claim them as their own.


Because of this, dog parents may have noticed their couches or a certain spot on their carpets emitting a foul smell, a distinctive scent that dogs use to designate a particular object or place as their own.


Besides pee, dogs also mark their sleeping territories by scratching at them.

Experts largely agree that this turns the spot into something that feels more like theirs, a place that they’d most likely return to.


This may be one of the reasons why bed scratching behavior intensifies whenever there’s a new pet or person living in the house or if another drastic change has taken place.


Reason 3: Dogs Maternal instinct

More often than not, female dogs scratch at their beds whenever they’re preparing to give birth to puppies.


In the canine world, this behavior signifies maternal instinct, much like the excessive cravings that characterize the human one.


Bed scratching is a natural hormonal response in dogs that are about to become new mothers. For them, it’s akin to making the spot into a comfortable, Warm, and safe nest for the puppies.


Even the best beds won’t be able to withstand a pup’s natural instinct, So dog parents may wanna think twice before dropping serious cash on an expensive model.


But for those who are looking to keep their floors and household furniture intact, Then consider training classes or investing in nail caps. Alternatively, try adding more blankets,


Providing softer textures and relocating the bed to a more private area to minimize the scratching going on.


Reason 4: Territorial behavior of your dogs

The act of bed-scratching can be interpreted as territorial behavior. Territorial marking is a natural instinct for dogs. Most people are aware that dogs urinate on things to ensure they belong only to them. However, that unpleasant behavior isn’t the only way dogs find to ensure their property is theirs.


Every time they scratch, dogs leave a distinctive scent on bedding or other objects. There may be nothing more than a tattered blanket, but your dog may already recognize the space as his. It’s more likely that a dog will return to its bedding if he considers it a part of him.


There is a possibility that bed-scratching begins or intensifies when pets or people move into a home or when the family goes through another major change.


Reason 5: Dogs Entertainment

Many people prefer playtime with their dogs or to watch them chase their own tails, but most dogs also like scratching against the floor. Bored dogs or those with a lot of energy tend to engage in scratching behaviors more than dogs who are exercised regularly or who are amused in other ways.


Reason 6: Dogs Learned Habits

Learning to scratch the bed is possible. In addition to scratching being a territorial behavior exhibited by a new animal entering the house, the behavior can be taught or mimicked.

In particular, when a new dog is adopted. It is common for dogs to mimic the actions of other dogs. Your new dog will probably circle and scratch all the time, so it’s likely that the dogs will start playing together.


Strategies for Managing Scratching Behaviors

Making your dog’s sleeping space as comfortable as possible would eliminate the madness of bed digging or bed sheets scratching, making dog owners’ lives easier.

Natural instinct cannot be completely eliminated, no matter how good a dog bed is. You can keep your household running smoothly by considering these tips.


If your dog is confined to a single bed, add more blankets, and make it as soft as possible. Lie down on a large, heavy comforter.


Dogs that scratch your floors and leave marks should be trained or have their nails covered. Changing the bed’s location to a private space may be of benefit. Choose a durable, comfortable, and supportive dog bed.



Most pet parents ask why does my dog scratch my bed sheets. First, don’t be too upset. Identify the cause of your dog’s scratching the sheets.


Is your schedule unusually busy these days, so you don’t have time to exercise or give attention to your dog? There might be a lack of exercise, or your dog may have missed you.


Does this behavior happen frequently or just on occasion? This is probably their normal instinct kicking in if it’s the first time. On the other hand, scratching the sheets constantly could indicate something else.


What is the duration of the scratching? As long as your pup does not scratch for too long, then they settle down, it is likely that they are just trying to mark their territory or find comfort in their new home.


It is important to ask yourself these questions to determine whether it is something that is natural to your dog, like his instinctual behaviors, or a condition that needs to be examined by a veterinarian.


Most of the time, these behaviors are harmless, and paying attention may help you discern why they may occur. Thank you




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